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Friday, December 25, 2009

Pictures for Danish Save The Children campaign with 3 beauty queens.

I was contacted by one of the models/beauty queens in these pictures and asked if I would take some pictures of them that could be used for a money-gathering campaign for the Danish Save the Children.
I was, of course, up for the challenge and was given free hands to shoot them as I liked. Who could say no to working with these 3 beautiful girls? :)
I was given a days notice and was reeeeally busy at my workplace(= no time to really make plans for the shoot) but I feel the end result was pretty good.

And thanks to the girls for calling me and letting me snap some pictures.

Judge for yourself:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One of the cutest girls I know!

I recently dug up these pictures from my archives because her mother was having her birthday and I wanted to give her a small gift. I edited the pictures a tiny bit and I really love the result. This girl is SO cute(as is her mum) and she has a fantastic personality which really shows in these pictures.

Enjoy :-)


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

MC's Fight Night

A couple of months ago I was asked by DubCNN Magazine to cover the MC's Fight Night event for them. MC's Fight Night is a freestyle rap battle event for danish rappers and usually draws many spectators for the annual finals i Copenhagen. This year was no different and KB Hallen was sold out.

The atmosphere was intense and every time a rapper made an exceptionally great punchline the audience instantly responded loudly with cheers and boo's.

I was a little set back by the event restrictions for "outside" photographers. It wasn't possible for me to take pictures from ringside until the final round which made it difficult to get the best shots from the other rounds.
But I ended up with a couple of handfulls of great pictures and since they have now been published in the magazine I can post the pictures here on the blog :-D


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Lucy Love @ Lille Vega

Went to take some pictures of Lucy Love at Lille Vega last friday. My friend Kenneth Nguyen had recently shot some pictures of Lucy Love in concert and although Kenneth is a thousand times better than me(and a huge source of inspiration, more on this in another post) I always try to see if I can provide the same quality of pictures as he can.

My pictures came out pretty alright. Not in the same class as Kenneth's pics but that's hard to do under any circumstances. Also it was the first concert I shot with my new 12-24mm wideangle lens which requires some getting used to since I came from a 17mm as the widest lens.

Enough of the excuses ;-) and on to the pictures: on Lucy Love:
"Not to be confused with the Czech porn star, Lucy Love is a rave MC turned electro star in the making from Copenhagen. An apparent lyrical genius, Lucy Love crosses many boundaries with her debut album, Superbillion which dropped February 23, 2009. Found here is a good mesh of grime, electro, reggae, dub and rap. She is also best known for the music video to ‘No V.I.P.’ which gave her a decent priming to the scene. Recent accomplishments include winning a P3 Gold Award. Her fresh new website can be found at"